2010 M1Fully Managed Motorway (Melbourne, Australia)

2010 M1Fully Managed Motorway (Melbourne, Australia)

Fully Managed Motorway

Fully Managed Motorway
As part of the AUS$1.39 billion upgrade to the M1 Freeway in Melbourne, Australia, coordinated ramp metering was implemented across the entire 75 km corridor; which includes 62 on-ramps. The managed motorway includes integrated speed and lane control or Lane Use Management, advanced freeway informational signage, VMS pictograms and a “rules based” traffic and incident management regime (replacing 3000 plans with 23 rules).

A preliminary study on a completed section showed significant capacity and safety improvements, and exceeded expectations with:

  • ・peak travel time reductions of up to 40%;
  • ・increased travel speeds from 50 to 85 km/h during PM peak and 79 to
    87 km/h during AM counter-peak;
  • ・average peak flows increased by more than 10% with a reduction of the
    PM peak from four hours to less than two hours; and
  • ・accident reductions exceeding 30%.
This project has been recognised globally for it’s excellent design, and as an innovative and smart transport solution.