About ITS Asia-Pacific


Akio Yamamoto
Secretary General
Akio Yamamoto

About ITS Asia-Pacific

ITS Asia-Pacific seeks to facilitate Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) cooperation and coordination between countries/areas in the Asia-Pacific region, taken to mean Asia and Oceania, irrespective of political, industrial, cultural or institutional barriers. ITS Asia-Pacific offers its members opportunities for networking and information-sharing through assistance in the coordination of the region’s involvement in the World Congress on ITS, and hosting the ITS Asia-Pacific Forum. ITS Asia-Pacific plays a key facilitation and liaison role for its members within the Asia-Pacific region and with related organisations in other regions. Members are encouraged to develop ITS for application across the Asia-Pacific region and to assist each other with information to enable this.

Takaaki Segi, Haruko Ide, Ikuko Okada, Takehiko Barada
Secretariat (from left)
Takaaki Segi,
Haruko Ide,
Ikuko Okada,
Takehiko Barada

ITS Asia-Pacific’s objectives:

  • ・To support economic growth and better quality of life by solving transport problems of a modal or multi-modal nature through the developing and deploying of ITS;
  • ・To establish the framework for cooperation by building a foundation on which ITS Asia-Pacific members can share and find solutions for common problems;and
  • ・To collaborate with other international organizations by linking organizations in various sectors.


Roles and Activity of ITS Asia-Pacific

Identify common problems and find solutions to each problem

  • ・Asia is a fast growing region, creating megacities
  • ・Recognition and sharing of the current situation and subjects
  • ・Finding the solution & coordinating the concrete plans

Develop human resources for the next generation through:

  • ・Personnel exchange between member organizations to strengthen propagation of information and experiences
  • ・Internship to foster leaders of the next generation

Collaborate with related international organizations such as:

  • ・Government agencies in each country/area
  • ・Financial sectors (World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation)
  • ・Academic society, for example, EASTS (Eastern Asia Society of Transportation Studies)

Memorandum of Understanding Signers