2005 Intelligent Multimode Transit System (Japan)

2005 Intelligent Multimode Transit System (Japan)


IMTS (Intelligent Multi-mode Transit System) is a transit system that combines the advantages of rail and bus transport. Vehicles travel in single file under automatic piloting on a dedicated roadway but can also be driven manually on public roads. Amidst the growing appreciation of the importance of public transit systems as one means of resolving the environmental issues posed by urban transportation, such as traffic congestion, air pollution, and traffic accidents, Toyota is engaged in efforts to develop the IMTS, which boasts low cost and little environmental impact.
In 2001, it was introduced at the Awaji Farm Park England Hill Area on Awaji Island, as a means for transport within the theme park. Approximately 700,000 visitors to the park used the IMTS in FY2002.
In addition, this system was used to transport visitors within the grounds of the “EXPO 2005 AICHI, JAPAN” held in Aichi Prefecture in 2005.