2005-2008 Integrated Transport Information System (Malaysia)

2005-2008 Integrated Transport Information System (Malaysia)

Integrated Transport Information System City Hall Kuala Lumpur, 2005

2005 Integrated Transport Information System (ITIS)
The “Integrated Transport Information System” or ITIS costing some US $100 million was completed in 2005.

Key objectives of the system are the early detection of disruptive traffic incidents and, in to collaboration with first responders, to clear the blockages so that normal traffic flows can be restored expediently. The system operates 140 variable message signboards (VMS) and a wide array of automated traffic counters to provide a real time view of the overall traffic network.

The system leverages heavily on ATMS and ATIS platform technologies. The success of ITIS has enabled Government to take a stronger long term view of the sustainability of ITS applications for the country. The Government is now studying options for adopting similar systems to other cities in Malaysia to assist in the management of urban traffic congestion.

Malaysian Highway Authority Traffic Management Center, 2007 (Phase 1)

2007 Malaysia Highway Authority National Traffic Management Center
Malaysia Highway Authority (MHA) collates and coordinates traffic information for various toll operations at a national and regional level. As the regulator of tolled highways, MHA also underpins the scoping and specification for ITS related works including traffic control and surveillance systems and toll collection systems.

Over the last couple of years, MHA has been formulating its plans for the rollout of the multi-lane free flow system for toll collection.

The MHA operates its own National Traffic Management Center which is linked to various toll concessionaires. Via the MHA TMC, various integrated services related to traffic advisory and information will be rolled-out to road users.

PLUS Traffic Monitoring Center, Subang, 2008

2008 PLUS Traffic Monitoring Center
PLUS (“Projek Lebuhraya Utara Selatan Berhad”), prior to a recent privatization exercise, was Asia’s largest public listed tolled expressway operator; with close to 1000kms of tolled expressway in Malaysia alone.

Dubbed as the most sophisticated traffic monitoring
centre in the country, the PLUS TMC operates 24×7
to provide traffic and incident reporting, and driver assistance.